The Research Poster and How It Consolidates and Communicates Key Concepts of a Research Inquiry: A Research Learning Tool

By Mike McAuley and Gray Hodgkinson.

Published by Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal — Annual Review

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This paper discusses a joint project between the Schools of Design at the University of Newcastle in Australia and Massey University in New Zealand. It focuses on the role of the research poster as a learning tool in assisting visual communication design students develop expertise as researchers. Students at both universities followed a similar learning structure whereby, at the end of a thirteen-week semester they were asked to summarise their research by designing a poster which captured the key ideas and findings of each student’s project. We will put forward here the argument that this creative, kinaesthetic making activity allowed students to develop a clear understanding of the relationship between theory and practice, something which may not have been as effectively conveyed through an exclusively written essay structure. We also discuss the role creative, concept based imagery played in enabling students to draw attention and communicate key ideas within a research investigation.

Keywords: Visualizing, Learning, Strategies

Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal — Annual Review, Volume 11, 2017, pp.1-14. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.592MB).

Dr. Mike McAuley

Senior Lecturer, Program Convenor, School of Design, Communication, and IT, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

Mike McAuley has been involved in design practice and education since the 1980s. He is currently a Senior Lecturer and Program Convenor at the University of Newcastle.

Gray Hodgkinson

Senior Lecturer, Program Leader, College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

Gray Hodgkinson is a digital media designer and researcher, with specific interests in visual media pedagogy and the various representations of media when used for social commentary. He is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader at Massey University.